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Under the Plastic Waste Management Rules, producers, manufacturers, importers, or brand owners are given the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) to recycle or sound dispose of the post-consumer generated waste of their products. The waste generators, who are the manufacturers or the brand owners, now need the support of third-party organizations for effective Plastic Scrap Recycling. AM Industries is a reliable name as a third-party Plastic Scrap Recycler ensuring the best waste management and recycling services in the fastest time.

Why work with AM Industries?

For the past ten years, AM Industries is working rigorously to safely dispose of plastic waste with our technologically advanced equipment. We extend our supportive hands toward the Producers, Brand Owners, and Importers, seeking result-driven plastic waste recycling.

  • AM Industries take the responsibility to collect the plastic waste from the said address and ensure its own logistic to transport the waste to our recycling laboratory. We ensure consistent assistance to identify the quantitative and technical requirements during the plastic waste collection to make the companies compliant with the EPR regulations.
  • Have your faith in us for being a genuine Plastic Scrap Company promising hassle-free plastic waste management with our highly sophisticated operations management system. Starting from signing up the agreement papers to recycling, we stand apart with our skilled management.
  • Being a licensed Plastic Scrap Recycler, we offer certification at the end of the whole process. As we are also involved in data destruction of hard disks, we find it our responsibility to provide a certificate as proof that the data has been destructed under the agreement signed by the clients. Clients also receive recycling certificates for plastic waste materials.

AM Industries is a reputed company with the best recycling laboratory, aided with state-of-art machinery ensuring zero harm to the environment.

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