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Creating better scrap management ordeals for manufacturing industries. Along with other efficient services

AM Industries is one of the top-rated scrap management companies in India. We provide organizations in both India and abroad with an inexpensive, simple, and convenient way to manage scrap, recycle, and dispose of their scrap without having to deal directly with local merchants.

We deliver scrap management services for leading national and multinational manufacturers. With a passion for serving unparalleled scrap management services to industries of various niches and sizes, we offer transparent business processes, hassle-free operations, and the highest scrap price in the country so you can leverage the best for your industry and maximize your revenue.

Our headquarters are located in Aurangabad and Pune. With having a team of excellent and experienced professionals, we can handle the scrap management process with minimum hassle.

Various Sectors & Industries

We are providing satisfactory services to various sectors like technology industries, automakers, engineering companies, and other industrial manufacturers. We are keen to help them with every dilemma with our premium scrap management services for reliable scrap services.

Eco-friendly Practices we Follow

While most companies are unaware of the scrap vendor policies, procedures, and material handling, we offer businesses eco-friendly scrap management services that comply with all recycling regulations. We understand how critical it is for companies to protect their business in terms of hazards; that is why we carefully handle scrap even after leaving the respective facility.

Building Better Relationships

We bring decades of experience to the scrap business, which means our longstanding relationships with the industry’s leading processors, recyclers, and service companies will benefit our clients.

Reason to Work with Us

AM Industries

Making an impact in our industries

Our Mission

Our missions include reducing the burden on land fields, maintaining a clean environment, ensuring smooth operations, conserving natural resources, and reducing carbon emissions.

Our Vision

Digitalization of the scrap industry is our vision. By 2025, we aim to recycle all kinds of materials as a scrap management service provider. We envision providing the best recycling solutions.

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