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We’re a trusted Wooden Pallet Manufacturer

We’re a trusted Wooden Pallet Manufacturer with an expert team of professionals. Welcome to AM Industries, the No-1 wooden Pallet Manufacturing Company!

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As a classified Wooden Pallet Supplier, we ensure high-quality & 100% customized wooden pallets in the least time at unbelievable prices.

Our 25+ years of experience as a wooden pallet manufacturer has earned us the goodwill from eminent clients from different parts of the country and overseas. Your reliance on our craftsmanship will offer you the best quality pallet crates, boxes, racks and other products that make from the finest quality seasoned oaks. We are the best Paper Pallet Manufacturers!

We skillfully manufacture top-notch pallets including:

  • ISPM-15 pallets.
  • CP pallets.
  • Custom Pallets.
  • Wooden Crates and Boxes.

Why Us?

  • AM Industries has become a successful Wooden Pallet Supplier for our dedicated team. We take pride in our team of experts, with several years of hands-on experience in Pallet Manufacturing Services. Some professionals are working as pallet manufacturers for generations. With inherited craftsmanship, they manufacture the state-of-the-art wooden pallets by showcasing the techniques they mastered over years.
  • We stand committed to our clients. With an uncompromising attitude toward the quality of our raw materials and manufacturing, we earned the trust of our clients as one of the best Pallet Box Manufacturers.
  • AM Industries is equipped with the cutting-edge machinery and technologically advanced tools being the best Pallet Box Manufacturers. The finishing of the packaging boxes exhibits the outstanding outcome of the smart equipment, as well as, the artistry of our teammates.

We strictly adhere to environment-friendly practices and produce 100% reusable wooden pallets. We also offer re-manufactured pallets repaired using quality recyclable material to meet any custom requirement, to conserve energy, time, and to reduce cost.

Not only are we strict with manufacturing 100% reusable pallets, but we also recycle or reuse any waste generated during pallet manufacturing.

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